Creating Thoughtful, Considered Design
for Businesses with Heart & Soul

My speciality lies in elevating small businesses with smart branding and approachable web solutions that represent the spirit of the work. I want to empower you so you can empower others.



Craft with Purpose

My approach to each project is always to figure out the why before assigning a how. You’ll find the discovery portion of projects to be thorough and completely necessary for a successful project. I’ll ask a lot of questions to get the wheels turning before jumping into design. I want to make beautiful things that work really well and last a long time.

I consider our work together a partnership in taking your business to the next level. Design is an investment in bettering you brand, and I take my role in supporting you seriously. It should be an exciting and energizing process! Whenever I say we, I mean you and me. We’re in this together.



I'm Meghan, and I create beautiful brands and websites for growing businesses.

I was a designer long before I know what it meant to design. As a kid I stayed up late tracing picture books, making collages from piles of magazines and paint chips, and teaching myself basic coding skills so I could build fan-sites for my favorite bands (thanks, Geocities).

Everything and nothing has changed since then. I swoon over typography and color, get star-eyes for a clean grid system, and can spend hours happily digging around in a website's code. It's kind of my thing.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working independently and collaborating with other designers and agencies to grow and refine my skills. My style has been called timeless and approachable, with the occasional dash of whimsy.

In my off time you can find me spending time with my husband and two daughters. We like to cook, have dance parties, and get messy making crafts. They keep me grounded and happy and make me turn off my computer once in awhile.


A Designer for Designers

Are you a designer or studio looking for some extra support? I love partnering with other creatives to be an extra set of reliable hands and assist with overflow work.

Do you have a project you’re interested in collaborating on?