How to Use Your Brand Files

Branded Collateral

At the end of each branding project I deliver a package of assets that includes a style guide and a set of final branding files. With these in hand you’re ready to take your brand out into the wild.

Style Guide

What Is a Style Guide?

A style guide is all of the elements of your brand put together in a single document to outline each of the pieces used to achieve the look and feel of your brand.

Why You Need One

A style guide saves you creative time and energy. With decisions about color, typography, and even photography already made, you’re free to combine elements and quickly put together materials that are consistent with your brand.

When To Use it

Your style guide will come in really handy when you want to quickly reference the colors and typography used for your brand. It’s also an excellent resource to give to designers who are creating materials for you. 


Your Style Guide Includes:

Asset 77.png

Brand Files


When your branding is finished you’ll receive a set of folders filled with different versions of your logo, and graphic assets if applicable saved as different file types. 


While you may not use all of them, there will come a time when you need a specific version of your logo, at a specific size, in a specific file type. Think of these files as a library of logo assets you can dig in to on a per-project basis.


You will use a different file for a print ad in a magazine than you would for printing on the side of a tote bag. Your files are organized based on the best uses for them, including print, web, and vector.


Your Branding Files Include:

print files


CMYK files formatted for printing purposes.

web files


RGB files formatted for screen use.

Vector Files


Infinitely scaleable files.

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