Sample Website Design Timeline

Website Examples

It's time to build your website! I typically schedule the following milestones over an 8 week period but this process can sometimes take as long as twelve weeks depending on the complexity of the site you need. Building a website is a big and exciting investment so we'll want to take the time to do it correctly and with your brand and business' best interests in mind.

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Before We Begin

Signoff and Deposit

You’ll receive a contract and deposit invoice for the estimated work. Once the contract is signed and deposit is received you’ve secured your spot in the design schedule. Here we go!

Week 1

Week One

Discovery Meeting & Content strategy

First you’ll fill out a website questionnaire to help clarify the goals you’re hoping to meet with your website. We will schedule a phone call to talk more in depth about the goals for your site, what your audience is looking for, and the tone we’d ultimately like to establish.

Week 2

Week Two


Using what we learned in our discover meeting, I'll create asitemap the illustrates the flow and organization of content on your site. This will help to establish the individual pages we need to create. Using wireframes we'll take a design-free look at the content hierarchy of the website to be sure your messaging needs are being met before we add in aesthetic detail. Feedback Due:  Within 5 Days


Weeks Three — Four


Using the wireframes as a guide we'll fill in design elements and infuse the site with color, photography, and typography that matches your brand voice. All website contracts allow for a round of revisions on the first set of designs. Feedback Due: Within 5 Days



All text and imagery to be included in the site should be delivered by the end of week four. The best way to keep content organized is to deliver it in well-labeled folders that are titled with the name of the page the correspond to. Each folder should contain all text and images that are to appear on that page.

Week 5

Week Five — Six


With your content in hand it's time to start building the real deal. When I’ve reached the 80% complete mark, I  will email you a link to your beta site where you can review the majority of content and functionality in place and working. Feedback Due: Within 5 Days

Week 6

Week Six — Seven


Using your feedback from the beta round I will make adjustments to the design and functionality of the site while you fill in any remaining missing content. This is a good time to send the site to a small group of trusted friends/family/colleagues who can provide critical feedback with fresh eyes on the project. Feedback Due: Within 5 Days

Week 8

Week Eight


Once final approval is received the site will be launched at your chosen domain name and will be available to the public. Pop open the bubbly 'cause it's time to celebrate your success!

New Website

Sooner After Launch


We will schedule a one-on-one phone call, Google Hangout, or Skype session to review your site together and walk through the Squarespace management and editing process. You'll receive a customized PDF tutorial that outlines how to maintain the common spaces of your site so you feel empowered to take control of your content.



If you’d like to keep working together on additional projects I would be thrilled! Just get in touch and I’ll put together a new estimate and proposal for the continued work. Check out some add-on options here.