Sample Branding Timeline

L+K Home Organization Brand Materials

We're building a brand together! Yes! Below you'll find a sample 5 week timeline that takes us from initial research and discover to delivery of your final brand package. We'll work collaboratively throughout the ensure we're building a strategic identity with your brand and business' target market always in mind.

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Before We Begin

Signoff and Deposit

You’ll receive a contract and deposit invoice for the work. Once the contract is signed and deposit is received you’ve secured your spot in the design schedule and we're ready to get to it!

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Week One

BRAND QUESTIONNAIRE, Strategy guide & Mood boards

We start with a branding questionnaire that explores the basics of your brand and digs deep into the personality of your customers. Based on this questionnaire I will create a strategy guide that outlines your brands audience and voice. This guide will serve as the foundation for the rest of our work. Along with the strategy guide I'll present a moodboard of images, colors, textures, and typography that portray the tone we'll be working to achieve with the new branding. 

Week 2

Week Two


Using the strategy guide and mood board as my compass, I’ll presentation 1-2 complete logo solutions. These will be deeply explored, and I never present just a logo — we'll examine how the brand looks in appropriate contexts and various applications. You'll be asked to provide feedback on the options presented. I only present options that I believe can be developed into robust brands and we'll discuss in detail how the brand serves your target audience.. Feedback Due:  Within 5 Days

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Week Three

Logo Refinements, Round One

Based on the information we feedback the logo, sub-marks, and any additional graphics (like patterns or icons) will be refined to better suit the brand. Simultaneously we'll begin working on collateral items which will further build the visual strength of your brand. Feedback Due: Within 5 Days

Week 4

Week Four

Final Logo Refinements, final collateral refinements

Again based on your feedback and our discussion, I'll take a final close look at both the branding items and the collateral items and nudge the final pieces into place. Feedback Due: Within 5 Days

Week 5

Week Five


Upon approval I begin production and delivery of branding packet final logo files and any other brand assets created during the branding process. You will also receive a style guide that outlines primary and secondary logos, color palette, graphic elements, and typography. Final print files for all collateral items are included in this phase.

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Continued graphic support

Should requests for modifications occur after the approved design is delivered they will be charged at a rate of $75/hour. If you’d like to keep working together on additional projects I would be thrilled to translate your new brand into a set of collateral assets or work with you to create a website that helps your new brand shine. Check out the pricing guide here!

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