Inspired By: Neon Signs

inspired by neon signs

I am an absolute sucker for a neon sign. Especially if it's got a vintage lean, all the better if it's pink. I love that you can get away with saying something crass if it's said in a soft neon glow. Neon signage has a history going back to the early 1900s and people, fascinated with the magic glow called it "liquid fire". Because it's expensive to produce, neon signs have waned in popularity but are now experiencing a resurgence as an art form. 

What might seem like a restrictive medium because of the tubular shape and need for proximity to source of electricity, seems to only spur creativity. Endless color options and clever tricks let designs become as simple or complex as needed. A glowing sign really feels like an awesome embellishment — the cherry on top — and can become a showpiece in the right environment (the "I Got Baked in San Francisco" sign at Mr.Holmes Bakehouse is an Instagram classic).

Below, I've pulled just a couple of my modern favorites mixed with a few classics, all in a dreamy pink/blue realm.

Inspired by Neon Signs from the Studio Journal of Meghan Lambert, Graphic Design
All photos culled from pinterest. See your image above? Please tell me — I'd love to give you credit for your lovely work!