Introducing L+K Home Organization

L+K Home Organization Brand Identity by Meghan Lambert

I knew from my first call with Lara and Kim of L+K Home Organization that we were going to create some really beautiful branding. As they told me their story — both work in real estate and found that buyers and movers both needed a hand with home organization — their excitement was palpable. Lara and Kim genuinely want what they do to help people live better in their homes. We talked a lot about serenity, and calm, and how hard it can be to achieve this kind of thing while you're moving or if you have kids. Their people are busy families who need order in their lives so they can live peacefully.

Moodboard for LK Home Organization by Meghan Lambert

The moodboard was approached with a few key words in mind: warm, loving, relaxed, and serene. With this in mind I pulled images that felt homey, and comfortable. Pops of a gold elevate the look and patterned accents give dimension and texture. The palette was paired with classic clean typography and soft, friendly scripts. When talking with Lara and Kim we all liked the idea of incorporating a skeleton key into the design as a nod to their connection to real estate. It also perfectly complimented the tagline they planned to use: your key to simply living.

With the research behind us logo creation was underway and aside from some very small tweaks we nailed down the L+K look on the first try. With a little nudging and finessing the L+K letters we combined to created the head of a key that is the crown above gorgeous monoline script. The submarks and patterns fell into place from there. A seal was created for stamps and letterheads and we topped off the branding experience with custom business cards and notecards to be left behind at each client's newly organized home.

L+K Home Organization Brand by Meghan Lambert
L+K Home Organization Brand by Meghan Lambert

I can't begin to tell you what a joy it's been to see this brand come to life! From moodboard to final execution working with Lara and Kim was exceptional. As we worked through each step fo the process — from initial consultation to branding questionnaire to refining the logos — their enthusiasm was infectious and their passion for their work is evident in the brand we created. I'm so excited to see what comes next for them!