Jen Micoleau:
Well Being Basics

Jen is a pilates and yoga instructor, writer, and artists. Together we created a space that promotes her services and displays her creative adventures.

  • Brand Identity
  • Squarespace Design

"Designing and building my personal/business website with Meghan was honestly one of the most satisfying and fulfilling accomplishments of my life. She patiently led me through the process with humble confidence. We started from hand drawn sketches which came to life on screen as a digitally rendered Signature mark and logo. She built a color palette around a favorite artist notecard I scanned. Meghan helped me choose images appropriate for the web design and taught me how to maximize the effect of my images on my own. She never pushed or demanded and gently kept me to my own timeline. The site Meghan built is a catalog of my art, my teaching and my philosophies and as such is incredibly personal. Yet she made it accessible to the public, the website easily functioning as a business, encouraging clients to want to know more about the experience they will have working with me. It continues to grow with me as I deepen my own understanding of what I need it to be. Meghan's tutorials and detailed answers to my questions andconcerns have always been helpful. I can't say enough about how positive my experience with Meghan has been."