Frequently Asked Questions 


How long will my project take?

At the beginning of every project I provide a timeline with check-in points where specific milestones are hit in the project (content delivered, beta site review, etc). Sometimes life happens and you or I will fall a little behind. I try to remain flexible about our schedule but do my very best to stick to our agreed upon timeline and hope you will too.


I have a brand and a website I love — can we still work together?

Definitely! I have a lot of experience working with pre-established brands to supplement existing materials. You might be interested in the ala carte services if you already have a brand and website in place.


What are your payment policies?

Projects begin with a 50% deposit, followed by invoices that are sent at predetermined check-points which are specified in the project timeline. All invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt and can be paid by check or online.


Can you write my content?

Unfortunately, no. I'm happy to give feedback on your content and help to organize and style your text but it is not my expertise to provide copywriting services.

Why Do You Prefer Squarespace?

I encourage my small-business clients to use Squarespace for a number of reasons but primarily for ease of use. While it does take some exploration and practice to learn the ins and outs, I find the platform to be user-friendly and ideal for handing over to anyone who wants to quickly and easily make updates to their site. I want you to feel like you have control over your site when we've completed your project.


Will you design a site for wordpress/Wix/Showit/Shopify?

You bet. I'm happy to design to your preferred platform, though I will recommend budgeting for a developer should you choose to use Wordpress or Shopify.


Can you make this update to my site for me?

After we launch your site you may find that there are still changes you want to make as your content grows and changes. I'd love to help you maintain your site as you grow! I can be hired on retainer for continued site support, or at an hourly rate for small-batch changes.


Do you have office hours?

The studio is open from 8 - 4 Monday through Friday. I strive to reply to emails and inquiries within 24 hours.