squarespace design

You’re a professional and you're ready to look like one. 
Take your online presence to the next level.

TIMELINE: 8 — 12 weeks | PRICING: $1,500+

•  the process  •

All projects begin with a detailed proposal, estimate, and contract and initial deposit.
Once we’re both on board, here’s how it goes:



Consultation & Discovery
We’ll start with a questionnaire, follow-up with a phone conversation, and keep the dialogue open while we nail down the goals and content needs for your new website.

Deliverables: Sitemap & Content Outline


Choose a Template &
Wireframe Design
We will choose a Squarespace template that will suite your site’s needs. While you continue gathering content I will prepare a wireframed design of your site that gives a preview of the final design and functionality you can expect.

Deliverables: Site Wireframes


Build, Refine
Once your content is delivered the site building begins. We will schedule three check-in milestones to review the site along the way and make adjustments as needed.

Deliverables: Beta Site for Review


Launch & Celebrate!
Your content is in place and we've both spent time combing through the site for last minute changes we are ready for launch. You share the site with a few trust friends or colleagues and gather last minute feedback and confidence boosting kudos before we send your site out into the world. Congratulations! It's time to celebrate!

Deliverables: Custom Squarespace Website

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